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Our Team.

Ms. Ouali and  Mr. Diallo represent a group that brings together professors and students who have some familiarity with membrane technology.

Training is delivered by well-recognized faculty. The strong dedication of professors and instructors from prestigious universities is instrumental to make this program successful. Their hope is that students will demonstrate the same level of commitment to make the best of this unique learning experience.

Mr Salé Diallo was born and grew up in Bamako, capital of Mali. He earned 2 Master of Science degrees in the city of Annaba (Algeria), including a Master in Chemical Engineering from the University Badji Mokhtar, and another Master in Hygiene, Security and the Environment from the Institut Supérieur de Management et d’Informatique El Qualam. Salé currently works as a teaching and research assistant at the Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs Abderhamane Baba Touré (ENI-ABT) in Mali`and cares deeply about sharing his knowledge with others. After joining AMSIC in 2020, he volunteered to represent a group of student (Beginners) who opted to enroll in these new online membrane courses. During the fall 2022, Salé worked closely with AMSIC directors and created a survey shared with all students in order to assess this program (AMSIC Newsletter 12). Group representatives get a chance to develop leadership skills and learn while keeping their peers fully engaged.

Sara Ouali, has a doctoral degree in Chemistry (University of Rennes, FRANCE) and Chemical Engineering (USTHB, ALGERIA). Sara teaches at USTHB as an Assistant Prof, and is an active member of AMSIC since 2019.

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