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A group of Malian of scientists that hold yearly conferences in:


Health and life sciences

Renewable energy

Environment and water


Humanities and social sciences

Educational Sciences

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and applications

Public Health and traditional pharmacopeia

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A non-political organization of expatriate scientists and citizens holding and attending conferences for the development of Mali.


The “Institut Européen des Membranes” (IEM), founded in 1994 is a reference laboratory at the international level in the field of membrane materials and processes with research objectives based on a multidisciplinary approach and multi-scale:
– the development and characterization of new membrane materials;
– their implementation in membrane processes (effluent treatment, gas separation, biotechnologies related to food science and health….)


Membranes is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, published monthly online by MDPI, covers the broad aspects of the science and technology of both biological and non-biological membranes.

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